This document describes several opportunities for those interesed in our technology.

Current Opportunities

  1. Interested in a business partnership, collaborative research, or investing in our technology? Pitch us a proposal in complete confidentiality.
  2. Interested in beta testing? See below.

Be Disruptive

Be part of new paradigms and disruptive ideas.

Tip: Get your groove back.

Beta Test Calls

On ocassions, we issue beta test calls. If you are interested in participating, here are some instructions to follow:

  1. Interested parties must sign non-disclosure and non-compete agreements with us.
  2. All beta tests include a questionnaire that can be completed in about 5 to 10 minutes.

The following calls have been issued:

  1. Beta Test Phase 5 - Closed. New crawling and data extraction tools.
  2. Beta Test Phase 4 - Closed. New query tools.
  3. Beta Test Phase 3 - Closed. New interface and mining tools.
  4. Beta Test Phase 2 - Closed. New query modes.
  5. Beta Test Phase 1 - Closed. Early interface prototypes.

Contact us

You may contact us for any business inqueries or general questions at admin@minerazzi.com.