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Upcoming Projects

  • Maps2Miners. Miners generated by turning site maps into microindices. Great for indexing and mining a large organization site, then growing the microindex by recrawling resources.
  • A subsection listing miners relevant to different types of cancer.
  • A subsection listing miners relevant to US National Laboratories.

🔍 Miners (unsorted)


LANL public resources, news, research, people, and more.


Types, diagnosis, classification, epidemiology, awareness, and more.


W3C public resources, news, standards, work groups, and more.


ORNL public resources, news, research, people, and more.


Classification, pathogenesis, diagnosis, epidemiology, and more.

Spanish-American War

The Spanish-American War for Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guam, and the Philippines.

Predatory Journals

Find, research, and judge for yourself if a journal is predatory.

Windows Tools

Windows tools, utilities, DOS/MS-DOS commands, legacy tools,...

Chemistry Organizations

Worldwide chemistry organizations, societies, industry groups,...

Chemistry Spreadsheets

Chemistry spreadsheet simulations, calculators, tools, tutorials,...

Perfectoid Spaces

Perfectoid spaces research articles, video lectures, seminars, tutorials, events,...

Chemist Biographies

Biographies of famous chemists from ancient to modern times, including all Chemistry Nobel Prize Laureates.


Tools, techniques, tutorials, and news on extracting information from chemical systems.

Programming Cheat Sheets

Programming cheat sheets for computer languages & spreadsheets.

RSS/Atom Feeds

Find search engines, directories, and sites listing rss/atom feeds.

Theoretical Physics

Mainstream, proposed, and fringe theories, & more.

Cancer Research

Research centers, news, clinical trials, discoveries, informatics, & more.


Fractal patterns and growth phenomena: Theory, experiments, & more.


Nature-inspired solutions, discoveries, techniques, innovations, & more.

Mathematician Biographies

Biographies of famous mathematicians from ancient to modern times.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa: Commands, hacks, news, & more.

Microsoft Cortana

Microsoft Cortana: Commands, hacks, news, & more.

Docker Containers

Docker development resources, news, & more.

Microsoft Xamarin

Microsoft Xamarin cross-platform development, news, & more.

Google Kubernetes

Google Kubernetes developer resources, news, & more.

Google Android

Google Android developer resources, news, & more.

Apple ICloud

Apple ICloud public resources, news, & more.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud public resources, news, & more. Bluemix, anyone?

Google Cloud

Google Cloud public resources, news, & more.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure public resources, news, & more.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services public resources, news, & more.

Artificial Intelligence

AI resources, tutorials, news, & more.

Causality & Determinism

Resources on causality, causation, & determinism.


Meta-analysis, effect size, and power analysis resources.

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis: Research, technology, business, legal resources, & more.

Chemical Substances

Elements, compounds, ions, and alloys by names, symbols, formulas, & uses.

Chemistry Exams

Chemistry exams, practice tests, assessment studies, & more (en/sp).

4D Printing

4D Printing, self-assembly, programmable matter, & more.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing, Search, Retrieval, & Assurance.


Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory resources, & more.

Electronic Paper Technology

E-paper and e-ink inventions, devices, articles, companies, and more.

Mobile Technology

Apps software, vendors, mobile devices, smartphone technology, & more.

Nobel Prize Laureates

Nobel Prize laureates, nominations and selections, & more.

Mayaro Virus (MAYV)

MAYV resources from CDC, NIH, WHO, PAHO, & other sources.

Political Networks

Political parties, organizations, movements, reforms, pacs, super pacs, & more.

Retail Banking

Card/cardless atm software, digital wallets, mobile payments, & more.

Web Spam

Web spam and anti-spam resources, research papers, adversarial IR, & more.


Work-for-hire, freelancing, work-from-home, and remote employment opportunities.

Entrepreneurs & Investors

Resources for entrepreneurs, investors, startups, crowdfunding, & more.

Social Networks

A large collection of social networks and resources from around the World.

The Panama Papers

Panama Papers, money laundering, data leaks, & more.

Big Data Sources

Big data sources from around the World, now at your fingertips.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things resources, companies, machine-to-machine products & more.

Data Mining Technologies

Technology & software companies for data mining, analytics, & knowledge discovery.

Zika Virus (ZIKV)

ZIKV resources from CDC, NIH, WHO, PAHO, & other sources.

Classic Science Papers

Classic papers from the natural, physical, engineering, and computer sciences.

Cults and Religions

Cults and religions, including resources and organizations.


Language and specialty dictionaries, glossaries, thesauri,...

Chemical Databases

Chemical databases, search engines, dictionaries, glossaries, & more.

Chemistry Tutorials

Chemistry tutorials, tools, demos, lecture notes, & more.

Chemistry Software

Chemistry software packages, tools, calculators, scripts, & more.

Chemistry Journals

Chemistry journals for science, technology, and interdisciplinary research.

Library Recrawl Project

Public libraries, catalogs, collections, reserve sections, and information gateways.

US Community Colleges

Most popular community colleges across the United States and its territories.

US University Sites

Top universities and 4-year colleges from the United States and its territories.

Grants & Scholarships

Grants and scholarships from the government and private organizations.

R Blogs

A huge collection of blogs from and for the R community.

CRAN Miner

Web packages and more from the Computer R Archive Network (CRAN).

Journals of Statistics

Traditional and open source statistical journals & publishers.

Statistical Software Tools

Statistical tools and software packages for business, research, and teaching.

BioInformatics Software

BioInformatics software packages, open source tools, & more.

BioInformatics Databases

Genome, proteomics, pathway, metabolic, microarray, phenotype, & more.

Ebola Virus (EVD)

EVD resources from CDC, NIH, WHO, PAHO, & other sources.

Chikungunya Virus (CHIKV)

CHIKV resources from CDC, NIH, WHO, PAHO, & other sources.

Intel, Security, & Assurance

Government and public resources about intelligence, security, and assurance.

Wiki Miner

Wikileaks resources, news leaks, secrets, classified media & anonymous sources.

Investigative Journalism

Investigative journalism, muckraking, whistleblowing, & advocacy media resources.

US Army Miner

Military breaking news, videos, intelligence, divisions, units, battalions, & more.

Human and Civil Rights

Human rights organizations and civil rights movements from around the World.

Open Source Projects

Open source hardware and software, research projects, & more.

Shopping Resources

Shopping & consumer reports, holidays deals, coupons, price comparisons, & more

World Newspapers

World newspapers and news services by regions, countries, and cities.

Jobs Databases

Jobs, human resources, recruiters, staffing, and executive search databases.

Patents Databases

Patent databases, attorneys, registration offices, and intellectual property.

Public Records Databases

Public record databases from law and order agencies and other organizations.

Stock Market Tradings

Stock market data and trading insights from NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX.

Structures and Algorithms

Data structures & algorithms for business, teaching or research.

IR Collection

Most relevant research on Information Retrieval (IR) and search engine architectures.

World Search Engines

Generic and specialty search engines and directories from around the World.

Search Engine Marketing

SEMs, SEOs, marketing companies, digital agencies, and web analytic tools.

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