Numbers Converter & Encoder

Numbers Converter & Encoder

Convert numbers from one to many number bases or encode text with this one-to-many (O2M) mapping tool. Just input a value and press the Enter key.


Base [2-22]

base2 (binary)
base3 (ternary)
base4 (quaternary)
base5 (quinary)
base6 (senary)
base7 (septenary)
base8 (octal)
base9 (nonary)
base10 (decimal)
base11 (undecimal)
base12 (duodecimal)
base13 (tridecimal)
base14 (tetradecimal)
base15 (pentadecimal)
base16 (hexadecimal)
base17 (septemdecimal)
base18 (octadecimal)
base19 (nonadecimal)
base20 (vigesimal)
base21 (unvigesimal)
base22 (duovigesimal)

Base [23-43]

base23 (trivigesimal)
base24 (tetravigesimal)
base25 (pentavigesimal)
base26 (hexavigesimal)
base27 (septemvigesimal)
base28 (octovigesimal)
base29 (nonavigesimal)
base30 (trigesimal)
base31 (untrigesimal)
base32 (duotrigesimal)
base33 (tritrigesimal)
base34 (tetratrigesimal)
base35 (pentatrigesimal)
base36 (hexatrigesimal)
base37 (septemtrigesimal)
base38 (octotrigesimal)
base39 (nonatrigesimal)
base40 (tetragesimal)
base41 (untetragesimal)
base42 (duotetragesimal)
base43 (tritetragesimal)

Base [44-62]

base44 (tetratetragesimal)
base45 (pentatetragesimal)
base46 (hexatetragesimal)
base47 (septemtetragesimal)
base48 (octotetragesimal)
base49 (nonatetragesimal)
base50 (pentagesimal)
base51 (unpentagesimal)
base52 (duopentagesimal)
base53 (tripentagesimal)
base54 (tetrapentagesimal)
base55 (pentapentagesimal)
base56 (hexapentagesimal)
base57 (septempentagesimal)
base58 (octopentagesimal)
base59 (nonapentagesimal)
base60 (sexagesimal)
base61 (unsexagesimal)
base62 (duosexagesimal)


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