Vector Space Explorer (VSE)

Vector Space Explorer (VSE)

VSE is aimed at exploring combinations of local (e.g., FREQ, ATF1,...) and global (e.g., IDF, IDFP,...) term weighting schemes for documents and queries. The tool lists results in decreasing order of cosine similarity scores, with or without implementing stopwords removal and parametric corrections. VSE was developed for computer science students and those interested in information retrieval systems so they can learn how IR systems work and rank documents.
D q

Remove Stopwords: No Yes

Overwrite local parameter k: Overwrite global parameter K:

Document Weights Local, Li,j
Global, Gi
Query Weights Local, Li,q
Global, Gi


Brief Introduction to Vector Space Models

What is computed?

Avoiding Unrealistic Weighting Scenarios

Using VSE as a Plagiarism Checker

Who can use it?

Suggested Exercises



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